High Tea at the Art of Cake

With so many great restaurants, cafes and bakeries popping up around the city, I love calling out my favourites for anyone looking to try something new. 

Bakeries, of course, are top of mind and my favourite to visit. For obvious reasons, like my blog name for one. Anyways, I recently attended the Art of Cake's high tea Sunday and it did not disappoint. I mean, look at that spread!  


I've never actually been to a high-tea before so I don't have much to compare it to, but, I left beyond satisfyingly full of baked goods, adorable tiny sandwiches, chocolate covered fruit and all the tea I could drink. Not to mention great company. So i'd call that a success, yeah? 

Oh also, biscuits, they have biscuits. Which to me could have been all they provided and I would have loved it just the same. Flakey, buttery, biscuits are my weakness. At least one of my weaknesses. 


My favourite part of the Art of Cake is the attention they put into every item on their menu. I have a personal connection to the owner of Art of Cake, as she grew up in the same small town as my family. And much like my grandma's baked goods, you can taste the love and care that goes into each and every cupcake, biscuit, macaron and more. 

Even the space itself exudes small town charm, with a hint of Parisian elegance. This might be big statement to make, but i'd wager they're one of the best bakeries in Edmonton, if not the best.

So, if you never want to eat a dry cupcake again, you'd best get there soon. In fact, their next High Tea event is Sunday April 22nd! So grab your tickets because they book up fast ;) 



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