Seattle, WA

I have wanted to visit Seattle Washington for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure if it's the proximity to hundreds of local coffee shops, incredible food or its culture of eccentricities and acceptance that drew me, but after visiting I can't think of a single thing I didn't like about the city.

Would I move there tomorrow if I was given the chance? 100% yes. 

Yet another building I had to take a photo of while on the way to our first food pit-stop,  Serious Pie .

Yet another building I had to take a photo of while on the way to our first food pit-stop, Serious Pie.

We only stayed in Seattle for 2 days (1 full, 2 half) so the majority of our time was spent finding the best coffee shops and local places to eat — if you haven't noticed, food is our number one priority whist travelling — in between, we also hit up some must-sees like the Pike Place Market and the Pop-culture Museum and my all time favourite experience, a Mariner's game.  


I can't say i'm an expert as I only spent a minimum amount of time there, but here are a few of my travel notes:

  • If you're going to walk around realize that the city is FULL of hills. A simple 10 minute walk will leave you sweaty with shin splints. Worth it? Yes. 
  • While you're at the market, skip the fish throwing and go strait to Pike Place Chowder. The fish throwing is over rated and random. The chowder is not. The lobster rolls are also not.  
  • The first original Starbucks is also located in Pike Place. Its' worth a quick visit or walk by if you're an avid Starbucks drinker. 
  • If you see a donut shop, go into it. Not a single one of them is bad as far as i'm concerned. 
  • Go off the beaten path. One evening we went on a hunt for Stateside which serves global cuisine inspired by the owners travelling experiences. Along the way we found an incredible neighbourhood full of some great bars, coffee shops, retail stores and beautiful buildings —it was a no camera evening so I don't have images to share of the area). Still liquor was one such bar we stopped into for cocktails as well. 
  • Go to a Mariners game, even if you don't regularly watch baseball. Get the garlic fries. 
  • If you're going to spend your money on a tourist attraction, I highly recommend the pop-culture museum. At this time there are two exhibits than delve into some of Seattle's incredible music history including Nirvana and Jimmy Hendrix. 

We did end up seeing the Gum Wall but not on purpose. We were actually just walking back to our hotel and decided to walk through an eclectic looking alleyway and bam, gum wall. It was gross. I loved it. 


And no, we didn't go up the Space Needle. To be honest it was shorter than most buildings and it wasn't worth the cost in our opinion. We did end up seeing it however because the pop-culture museum is right beside it. 


Next stop, Portland Oregon! 

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