Portland, OR

When we arrived in Portland it was raining. To some that might have been a disappointment but to me it was the best way to begin our visit.

Our itinerary for Portland was to walk everywhere, eat everything and care about nothing. It was our last chance to relax before going home so we did just that. We arrived mid-afternoon—we took Amtrak Cascades from both Vancouver to Seattle and from Seattle to Portland—and after checking in to the hotel and freshening up we went on the hunt for food and beer. 


If you don't know, Portland has over 60 breweries and we were determined to try out at least a few of them before our 1.5 days were done. Our first stop was deschutes brewery which reminded us a lot of the Haufbrauhaus in Germany because of its size. It had great atmosphere but it was slightly on the tourist side so I wouldn't mark it as one of my absolute favourites of the trip. That said, the food and beer here were still both enjoyable  We took our time getting back to the hotel, taking note of the places we wanted to return to the next day.


We spent our second day wandering around the Pearl District. Along the way we made a pitstop at Voodoo Doughnuts, for obvious reasons, and also paid a visit to Stumptown coffee shop. One of the many coffee shops I had on my list to try and this one did not disappoint. Later in our trip I even went back and bought sone coffee beans so I could take one of my favourite parts of the city back home with me. 

My favourite lunch spot of the trip as far as food was concerned was Tasty n Alder.  They offer a family-style menu of innovative dishes with diverse international origins. Words can't really describe the breakfast bowl I had so you'll just have to go there and try it for yourself. 


The above record store along with Powells books were two of our favourite finds in the Pearl district. You could easily spend hours in both. The record store reminded me a lot of the movie Empire Records. Which is a cult classic according to my family and is right up there with Stand By Me and Sandlot. With a slightly edgy, hipster vibe. 


Despite the coffee shops, breweries, and bookstores the most memorable experience for me was spent at the Living Room Theatres. Not the one shown below but a smaller version which can also be found in the Pearl District. If you're fan of Gilmore girls, the black white and read bookstore/theatre is the closest thing I can think to describe it. It's essentially an original VIP theatre without the expense. When you walk in it looks more like a bar than a movie theatre but once you've ordered a beer and a giant bowl of home made popcorn, you're led into a small theatre with lazy boy love seats (okay probably not exactly lazy boys but they were nothing like regular theatre seats). Its quaint, quiet and the perfect spot for a low key date night. 


To wrap it up, if I had to choose a city to live in out of the three we visited this year, my heart is sold on Portland. With a weekend trip to Seattle and Vancouver every once of course. 

Thanks for reading! 

Kayla SommerComment