Lately I am...


This, "Lately I am" post, is inspired by one of my favourrrite Canadian bloggers @BethanyMenzel. She's a beautiful, rad, stylish mom living in Vancouver who's outfits, home decor and all around minimalist lifestyle inspire me on a daily basis. So thanks Bethany! 

If i'm being honest, lately i've been doing a whole lot of life contemplation. I've been trying to dig deep and ask myself what's next as far as my creativity and hobbies go. It's been a year of change but also a year of immense clarity. I'm not so much looking for ways to make myself happy but instead looking for ways to build on my existing happiness. And sharing more is just one of the ways I intend to do that.  

Eating for breakfast: Smoothie Bowls - again, Bethany inspired this one. I've been using a recipe she shared on her insta that is super easy to put together and delicious. 

Reading: The Poet by Michael Connelly. Actually I just finished this book. And for lack of a better word it was INSANE. If you like dark, twisty, criminal minds type fiction, you'll love this one.

Eyeing up: Single family homes in Edmonton - Goodbye 300 sq. ft studio, you will be missed (ish). Also, bandanas and summer hair-styles. Grow bangs grow! 

Wearing on repeat: My Levi’s. They look good with everything. I can't help it. 

Inspired by: My pal Carissa Marie photography. She's killing the photography game and mom game and friend game and all around life game. 

Doing before bed: Greys re-runs because I hate the new ones and I am a nostalgia sucker. Second to that would be a bath and a good book.   

Listening to: The head and the Heart, Fleetwood Mac and Ben Howard.

Wishing I was better at: Going to sleep early and staying off my phone at least an hour before bed. 

Trying to stop: Going to sleep late and spending too much time on my phone before bed. Like many of us, I need to dis-connect more, from everything really. 


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