A little bit about me

I was lucky enough to hang out with Carissa Marie Photography yesterday at Blondy Photography's dreamy home studio where I got to watch some magic unfold during a maternity shoot. After she finished up, she kindly snapped a few photos of me for a blog post. 

I wasn't sure what the post would be about but I felt like sharing a bit more than just my outfit details. Which you can scroll down for!

So here are just a few random facts about me. 

1) Although it's usually down for blog photos, I very rarely do my hair. It's usually always up in a pony tail or bun and drowning in dry shampoo. So the look i'm sharing today is how my friends and family often see me. 


2) I don't like to look directly into the camera. But who does really? I am however, trying to get out of my comfort zone in this regard. While Carissa was taking these photos she was actually taken aback when I looked directly into the lens lol. 


3) I'm a home body and an extroverted introvert. Which means I have a love-hate relationship with social interaction. But this too I am working on because I've made some incredible connections in this industry simply due to putting myself out there. 


4) I struggle with sharing too much and sharing too little on social media and on my blog. Comparison is very real and it's something that i'm learning to let go of. That doesn't mean its easy. I tend to keep my personal life separate from social media because I believe it's important to disconnect and be private in certain regards, but I also want to connect with my community and followers. Finding that balance is tricky. 

But hey, this post is a start! 


// All photos taken by Carissa Marie Photography //

If you're here for the outfit deets, I recently got this striped boyfriend shirt from PARKSHOP in West Edmonton Mall's RAAS boutique. The designer, who is also local, is Lac Ann. I couldn't find a link to the actual shirt but here is their instagram page

As usual, thanks for reading. Happy long weekend! 


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