Ten things I learned from the Fall 10 x 10

Ten things I learned from the #Fall10x10. And yes, i’ve shared the pieces I wore below in case that’s all ya’ll care about.

  1. Not shopping is hard and throughout there challenge there were times when I still wished I could just go buy something new. But it showed me how versatile my existing wardrobe really can be and despite my frustrations I really do have enough clothes as is.

  2. I should have thought my choices out before picking them on a whim. I literally flew in to my closet to choose 10 pieces after seeing posts about it on Instagram. I got caught up with staying on track with others instead of choosing pieces wisely and being conscious about the weather. I mean, I chose a freaking dress in the middle of fall in Alberta. Whoops. Failure number one.

  3. If you’re going to share your outfits with the world, find yourself a tri-pod or a not so willing boyfriend who will take five blurry photos of you and all you can do is pray that at least one turned out.

  4. Realize half way through your 10 by 10 that you choose to participate during halloween. Failure number two.

  5. Layers are your best friend and so is black. I choose some pieces that I don’t wear as often to mix it up. Turns out I should have stuck with my favourite items.

  6. Mix in a pair of jeans next time that work for home and the office. Black jeans preferably.

  7. It really was a learning experience and forced me to get out of my comfort zone as far outfit styling and sharing with other members of the #Fall10x10 community.

  8. A day in to the challenge I realized I wasn’t going to make it by incorporating shoes so I just added a couple more items of clothing. I read some where that you can make your own rules. Welp I did. Next time i’ll try to include shoes but the weather didn’t make that very easy this time around.

  9. When you plan your outfits out ahead of time you shave off at least 10 minutes of time needed to get ready in the mornings. AKA 10 more minutes of precious sleep.

  10. I didn’t have to go anywhere during my 10 x 10 but it would have made packing so much easier. Knowing that, I am going to try and incorporate this next time I visit a place for 10 days or so.

All in all I likely learned a lot more than this during my two week stint. I’m grateful to the women who invented this challenge and who are asking hard questions about fashion and over consumption. I’m still learning and hope to see many more challenges being brought forward like this one in the future.

Thanks for reading!

What I wore

Aritzia Wilfred cardigan // Oak and Fort trouser // Levis original 501 pant //

Oak and Fort Grey tee (no longer available) similar here // Aritizia long sleeve burgundy tee (similar)

Parkshop boyfriend blouse (no longer available) // Zara wool knit (similar) // William Rast black knit (similar here)

Black pencil skirt (similar here) // Aritzia Blush dress pants (same style in black) //

Oak and Fort dress - worn once before swapping out for jeans (no longer available)

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