Brown butter salted caramel naked cake

One little two year old got pretty a yummy cake this year for his birthday. His mom, one of my best friends, asked me to make his cake and I really wanted to blow him away— granted he is only two lol but his approval was definitely one of my biggest motivations. When he saw it he screamed cake a few times which in two year old language is a pretty good indicator. So i’ll call this one a success.

This recipe is a bit of a mut. The icing is my favourite Italian meringue butter cream, recipe here, with about a tablespoon of salted caramel added. The cake itself is a chocolate chip brown butter, which you can find here (I didn’t use bourbon as the recipe called for) and the salted caramel itself can be found here - like I said, a mut cake.

I really loved the idea of traditional chocolate chip combined with a savoury topping. Plus, since this was for a two years olds party, the cake was kid and adult friendly. Oh PS. in case you needed more incentive, I drizzle salted caramel between each of the layers before the buttercream icing.

I was pretty proud of this cake mainly because I finally mastered the caramel drizzle. Keep reading for details on how…


The first time I tried to make a drizzle like this on a cake, I didn’t let it cool off enough and it melted all of the icing. The second time I let it cool to room temperature but I misjudged the amount and heaviness of the caramel so it looked less like a drizzle and more like a smothered cake.

This time, I took things very slow and poured a scoop of caramel on top of the cake, spreading it slowly down the sides so that I could control the amount of drizzle going down the sides. I am sure there is a better way of doing this but since I wanted to get it perfect this time around I took my time with it. Honestly, if you’re looking to try this there are a ton of YouTube videos out there with different techniques, I would recommend starting there and then keep on trying!


We topped this bad boy with some fresh donuts and babies breath. Honestly the simplest additions make the best looking cake. I can’t wait to experiment more.

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