1200 to 377 Sq. ft.


Today marks one month of living in my 377 sq. ft micro studio apartment and I couldn't be more content. To most people, moving from 1200 to 377 sq. ft would be an absolute nightmare. But for a minimalist like myself, I welcomed the simplicity of it.

When Chris and I travelled to Paris, we stayed in a micro apartment and it didn't take long for me to fall madly in love with it. You could say i'm living out my day dream of being back in Paris, just in the wrong city.


To give you an idea of how small my place is, I am currently sitting on my bed and my kitchen is about a metre beside me and my living room/tv is only steps in front of me. So yeah. It's small. But it's also quaint, cozy, and SUPER easy to clean. Convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons why I love it. 

1) Less space = less money spent decorating. 

When I originally started looking for a new place, moving into a one bedroom on my own was kind of daunting. I didn't have the furniture to fill a large space and I definitely didn't have the money to fill one either. Decorating my studio on the other hand was simple. All I needed was a bed, a small table (actually I don't even have this yet), a chair, some coffee/bedside tables and that's it.

2) It forces you to leave your apartment and explore your surroundings. 

I was lucky enough to find a building with a number of added amenities within and surrounding it. This was a big draw for me because I knew it would force me to get out every once in awhile and explore. For a lot of people, a studio apartment might feel claustrophobic which is why I recommend staying in one that is close to a city centre with a variety of places to entertain if you have guests. 

3) Confined Creativity

Sure, you have less room to work with when decorating but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was incredibly excited to organize my space because it meant I had to get creative. It also meant that I had to purge belongings that I didn't really need which showed me just how little those things mattered in the first place. In the end, I am surrounded by the pieces and things that matter most to me. 

4) A smaller space helps combat loneliness. 


Yes, the down side to living alone is of course loneliness, which is why I opted for a smaller space because in my experience, loneliness tends to be magnified in a larger emptier space. I know it's only been a month, but I can tell you that living alone has taught me a lot and it's an experience I would recommend to anyone, especially women. There's something very empowering about living on your own and creating your own, unique space. 

5) It couldn't be cozier. 


Once I was all moved in (6th point - moving doesn't take long AT ALL) I couldn't believe how comfortable and safe I felt. Everything I need is easily accessible to me and all of my favourite things are right in front of me. I can watch tv in bed, move a couple feet for a snack, then snuggle right back in. 

Of course, this lifestyle isn't for everyone so I would caution blindly jumping in to a lease until you've really thought about what you value in a home, and also who you will be sharing that home with. Being in a long distance relationship, a studio worked for both me and my boyfriend but not every couple or person is the same. That being said, it's a trend that's growing for a reason, so I wouldn't disregard the idea either. 

Thanks for reading! 

Cheers friends. 

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