No Bake Nutella CheeseCake

The Londoner was one of the first blogs I ever read and very quickly became one of the inspirations behind Pastries and Prada. When I first thought about creating a blog I knew wanted to incorporate a number of topics but hesitated at first. Rosie's style of writing and varied content was exactly what motivated me to own the topics in my blog. She successfully created a travel, style and lifestyle blog as a foodie, baker, chef plus an incredibly talented writer and photographer to boot. I only hope to create as good of content as hers one day.

She also, as you may have guess, inspired my absolute need to make this cheesecake.

The Londoners no-bake, Ferrero Roche Nutella Cheesecake is a dream and I've been desperate to try it out. So when I turned 25 this past week I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with an entire jar of Nutella and the biggest box of Ferrero Roche's I could find. Putting it into cake form just seemed like a smarter option. Maybe we'll save binge eating it for my 30th?  

You can find Rosie's original recipe here. She goes through all the motions of what you'll need and how to put everything together. It's an incredibly easy cake to make. I think I spent a little over an hour baking it in total. As always, Iclike to incorporate a few of my own additions when I test out recipes like this, so keep reading if you want to know what I did differently! 

The original calls for a shot of Hazelnut flavoured liqueur, instead, I used half a shot of baileys and half a shot of chocolate vodka. Partly because I didn't have the hazelnut Liqueur and partly because I wanted to incorporate a few more flavours into the mix. 

I added a hefty amount of Mexican vanilla compared to what the recipe calls for. You can never have to much vanilla, grandma says so. 

I would also use a smaller cake pan next time. Rosie used a 24cm spring form pan and so did I, but think something smaller will create a higher cake. I also suggest using less Graham Crackers for the base, I found this amount was slightly overpowering.

Lastly, more Nutella. The recipe calls for 200g, but the container I bought was 300g and I wish I would have used it all, for obvious reasons really.  I mean, more Nutella can never be a bad thing, right?

Otherwise stick to the recipe and you'll have yourself an incredibly satisfying cake in hours. PS. I didn't wait for mine to set over night, a few hours in the fridge worked great. 

I wasn't kidding about the giant box of Ferrero Roche's, throw as many as you want into the batter and the base, plus a few more to make it look pretty on top. Enjoy whatever you have left over during the baking process to curb your cravings before the actual cake is ready. 


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