Pecan, Oat and Dark Chocolate Cookies


Is anyone else pre-maturely excited for Christmas this year? Yeah, yeah I know, the cold came too early in Edmonton, and it snowed like crazy this weekend, and it's only November and it's the busiest time of year. But I don't care. For whatever reason I can't get enough of these snowy, chilly, winter wonderland like days. 

So i'm embracing it by spending my weekends sleeping in, binging on Netflix, spending time with family, relaxing and not feeling guilty about buying too many Starbucks Christmas drinks. 

After doing all that, it made complete sense to bake something cozy to match the feeling. Don't worry, I kept it semi-festive. I didn't go full blown festive just yet. 

I recently bought a new cook book called A New Way to Bake. As much as I love traditional buttery, high-carb baked goods, I still value eating clean the majority of the time. So I thought i'd mix in a few recipes from here  on in between my usual sweet treats. 

The recipe book has a ton of recipes for healthy breakfast snacks, muffins and whatever else you might be craving. I've been dying for Chocolate Chip cookies but have been doing really good in the clean eating department so I figured i'd give this recipe a try: Pecan, Oat and Dark-Chocolate Chip Cookies


I stuck to the recipe this time and didn't really change much. I would definitely make these again but next time I might add a touch of nutmeg or cinnamon for extra flavour. Keep in mind they are crumbly and messy, but taste unbelievable dipped in a glass of milk or Vanilla almond milk. FYI I know this because I am currently eating one with milk while writing. 


Or, if you are looking to treat yourself a little bit more, they also taste pretty good dipped in homemade hot chocolate. Sorry, I had to give you at least one not-so-healthy option.  Just boil a couple cups of milk or whichever non-dairy option you prefer and mix in some chocolate. My favourite is Jacek sipping chocolate but some cocoa powders also come with home made hot chocolate recipes as well. 


If you try them let me know what you think! 


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