Lake Louise at Golden Hour


After watching the sunrise at Moraine Lake, we sped down to Lake Louise so we could hike it while the sun was still peaking over the mountains. 

I can't quite explain the feeling of hiking up a mountain at golden hour. We didn't see any fellow hikers the entire way up which made it that much more incredible. Every once in awhile we would hit a high spot where we had to stop, look behind us, and take it all in. 


The Lake Louise Tea house is something out of a fairy tale, if your version of a fancy castle is a cozy cabin in the middle of no where. Normally, this area is crowded with tourists but this morning it wasn't. This morning, it was perfect. 

Inside the tea house were a few hikers with the same idea as us. We grabbed a spot and took the next hour to soak it all up. 


I mean, is this not the cabin of your dreams or what. 


At some point we had to make our way down. So we took our time. The sun was officially up at that point so the colours were even more vibrant. We started to meet more and more hikers as we went, making us even more glad that we choose to hike up when we did. 

Kayla SommerComment