Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

 I find the whole concept of New Year's resolutions a little over rated - the only resolution I've ever made (to stop biting my nails) lasted mere seconds after making it. Plus I prefer to make goals for myself on a regular basis and not just because it's a certain time of year.

That being said, I get the fantasy of starting fresh and the momentum and motivation that stems from a new calendar year, so I have at times tried to get into that mind set. If you read my last post you could almost say that I flirt with the idea of being a "resolutioner" without actually being one full-heartedly.

You are probably wondering why the heck i'm blabbing on about this in the first place, and not about flaky, buttery, decadent scones like the title of this post suggests. Well I have a point, sort of, which is that my not so resolution, resolution for this year is to ATTEMPT to bake at least once a week. Preferably something from the Duchess Bake Shop cook book, but you may have to settle for a few Pastries and Prada originals as well.

Now, let me tell you about the scones, oh the scones. I won't be modest, they were delicious and as buttery and flavorful as ever. Were they perfect, nah, but that's partly what fuels these blog posts anyways!


I have never made dessert scones before, just plain old flaky cheesy buttery scones with soup and additional butter, so this was a new concept for me.

I found this recipe very similar to others out there, as you can't really stray too far from flour, sugar, baking soda/power and buttermilk. Duchess, like so many others, also emphasizes that over mixing is a big no-no with biscuits.


Here's a few of my main takeaways:

  • Don't squish your raspberries when mixing them into your dough. I made this mistake and I think it's partly why my biscuits did not rise quite as much.
  • Because it bares repeating, don't over mix your batter, it's supposed to be a little dry and flaky.
  • When you are cutting the butter into your flour mixture, ensure some buttery chunks to remain.
  • Once everything's incorporated don't kneed the dough excessively. In fact, Duchess didn't say much about kneeding to roll out the dough at all - see what I did there?
  • Lastly, don't forget to sprinkle sugar on top - I almost did this!

To be honest, this recipe really was quite simple and one I will definitely try again. It took very little time at all and you can have a lot of fun with flavors. Raspberry and White chocolate is just one option.

Lastly but very important, eat these strait out of the oven with, you guessed it, some butter. The mix of salty and sweet is everything you need and more.


Happy Baking!