Weekend Laze

It's funny that this post is about being lazy considering these images were taken forever ago and the only reason i've not posted about them is because well,  i've been too lazy. 

But I welcome the lazy days as much as the productive ones. I think they are not only necessary but pretty critical given today's fast paced way of life. It's hard to not let the stress get to you. So I say embrace lazy weekend days whenever you can. Today I am happy to say is exactly what I will be doing. But lazy doesn't necessarily mean boring, to me it means having a weekend to yourself that is without plans. This weekend is dedicated to spur of the moment activities and come what may adventures. 

But before I tuck in to a day spent doing who knows what. Here are a few of my favourite lazy day staples.  

First an foremost, I feel most at ease and chill at home when i've got about 2 or 3 candles lit at one time. If you've read some of my travel posts you'll know how much I love Vancouver and the Vancouver Candle Co. is definitely one of my favourite candle brands. They're based on different locations across the city, like Kitsilano or Gastown (another favourite of mine). 

Lazy day clothes are also another must have. Of course getting dressed up has it's merits but I love a comfy pair of ripped jeans with a cardigans, white tee and calvins.  This outfit has the ability to make you feel comfy and put together at the same time.

For me, days life this are dedicated to taking the time for yourself. They're agenda-less and full of whatever the hell makes you happy in that moment. So if you want to dress up or dress down, stay in bed or go for a walk, do it.

Shop the lazy look:

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