A Recipe for Disaster

Okay readers, this post is not so much about how to bake a cake, but more so about how NOT to bake a cake. 

I am self-taught, self-trained, and a little self-conscious about sharing this story, but I'm going to anyways because every one makes mistakes sometimes. 

Last weekend, I decided to try out yet another Pinterest recipe. In a previous post I mentioned how much I love when Pinterest recipes turn out, because more often than not, they don't, hence the hashtag - #pinterestfail. This Cinnamon Bun Cake was one such recipe.


It was relatively simple to put together. The batter tasted great and based on my calculations, nothing was off ingredient wise and yet it still turned out extremely thick and doughy. To rectify this I added more milk and the consistency improved.

Here's where I screwed myself. For some reason I thought that because the batter was thick it wouldn't rise, and so instead of filling the pans 3/4 full, I filled them to the brim.

Why was this the dumbest idea ever? Well because, science. 

They rose, of course they rose! And after about 10 - 15 minutes,  I opened the oven to find two overflowing cakes and a significant amount of batter cooking on the oven floor. Big whoopsie.

Naturally, I  freaked out, but I didn't allow myself to do so for too long because bits of cake were still burning in my oven and if I didn't act fast my entire kitchen would burst into flame - again, because of science, come on guys. 

I only did the most logical thing next - scream bloody murder at my roommate. Who willingly helped me scrape cake batter out of the oven, and scoop out unbaked cake from the pans (which was later used to make cupcakes I might add). I then wiped up the excess, placed the cakes back in the oven, and put a cookie sheet underneath for good measure.

The moral of this little story? Shit happens, and it will continue to happen, such is life. The best thing to do? Don't panic. (Well, you can panic a little depending on the situation). Just take a second to pull yourself together, then face the situation in front of you. Sometimes that might even mean starting over, which is completely OK. 


What you might not believe is that the cake turned out pretty good after all. It was still really moist, flavourful, and the icings in this recipe work great with the Cinnamon flavoured cake. I highly recommend them - the brown butter frosting is one of my favourites. 

I will note that in order to get the drizzled look in the pinterest photo you'll need to add more milk - I also screwed this part up, hence the lack of finished cake photos. 

Moral #2 of this story, it doesn't matter what your cake looks like as long as it tastes good. Unless it's a wedding cake, then you're pretty much screwed. 


Kayla Sommer2 Comments