Lavender London Fog Tea Cake

Well friends, surprisingly enough, I have kept my word on the resolution front. In my last post I told you about my goal to bake more often (every weekend if possible) and i'm happy to report that I have done just that, TWO weeks in a row. Have I blogged about it in a timely fashion? Not so much, but you win some, you lose some. 

A couple weekends ago I made a Lavender Earl Grey Tea Cake, a recipe that I pinned on pinterest ages ago, but never got around to making. The London Fog is one of my favourite hot beverages and this is essentially the same thing in cake form, so you can probably guess why I've been meaning to make it. 

 On a side note, both the Italian Market on the South Side of Edmonton and Block 1912 sell Lavender London Fog lattes, so you should definitely go try one out if you haven't already. (Full disclosure I am currently drinking one in Block 1912 as I type this)


Now back to the cake. I can honestly say this was one of the best and easiest cakes I've ever made. The cake itself is incredibly moist and the icing is perfect for people (like me) who want something more savoury than sweet. With hints of vanilla, chocolate, earl grey and lavender you can't really go wrong with this flavour combination. 

Once again, I am not disclosing the full recipe as it is not my recipe to share (you can find the original here). Lately, my goal has been to try out various recipes that will help to build on my own baking abilities. Hopefully this means that one day I can share my own recipes as a result of all of the "research" I am doing.


With that being said, I did make a few additions to the recipe based on my flavour preferences: 

  • Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla - I always add more. To the icing and to the cake.
  • Grand Marnier - The recipe called for an extract I am not familiar with, so I decided to add my personal favourite secret ingredient instead. Grand Marnier, in the icing and the cake. 
  • Add earl grey tea to the icing as well - the recipe doesn't call for this, but just like the cake, I soaked a few tea bags in the warm milk in addition to the lavender. Just to incorporate that flavour even more. 

That's it! Honest, try this one out, it's so great. Shout out to the person who came up with it. I love when I can find a pinterest recipe that actually works.