Into the Woods

My recent excursions may not be as distant and worldly as Europe, but they have been just as exciting none the less. In fact, the most recent place I have visited is probably more adventurous and fulfilling as any. My family's cabin on the lake.

I am the kind of person who loves to spend my time in nature just being, so spending a week in a cabin smack dab in the middle of the woods fits the bill just fine. I wouldn't call it luxury by any means, but who needs elegance when you have the bluest of blue lakes in front of you and the sun setting over the mountains? Not to mention the feeling of utter freedom that comes with a lack of makeup and mirrors, social media, distractions, and insecurities that the real world so often brings.

Non-existent internet service and electricity probably helps enhance the escape, and by this I mean utterly no access to the outside world. No showers or running toilets - yes, I bathed, its called a lake, and yes, heaven for bid, we had to use outhouses. It's like living in a different time, where cell phones were a mere mystery, and fishing was the only thing on the to do list that day. Simple and perfect.  I think half the charm of the cabin is the escape from reality because it allows you to just be, completely present and at ease.

Have you ever gone without technology for a certain amount of time? Any other cabins in the woods like mine out there? If not, maybe just turning your cell off for a portion of the day is enough of an escape for you, try it, let me know what you think!