Spring has Sprung

Spring is officially here! I can feel it and I cannot help but jump for joy and clap my hands incessantly. In my last travel post I spoke about the dreadful winter blues and how the beginning of march seems to be more like a wet slushy winter here than a spring. But I can happily say that we have turned a corner and spring is really truly here with summer just begging to show its sunny face. 

And what better way to celebrate then talk about everything we are wishing for and daydreaming about for this spring and summer! I literally can't stop thinking about summer clothes, vacations, bathing suits, patios, and cocktails! Here's my wish list, i'd love to hear about yours so shoot me a comment! 

Light jeans, ripped jeans, white jeans are what i'm after this summer. Anything bleached and sun-kissed really. I love the look of light and distressed denim, it goes perfect with sneakers, flats, and strappy sandals which are all the rage this season. 

My apartment has a perfectly sized balcony just begging to be decorated! I recently bought some blue and white lanterns and acquired a BBQ (thanks mom and dad), so basically that's where all of my time and imagination has been going. Can't wait to spruce it up with some pillows and color. 

After Europe, I had to say goodbye to my sandals, which isn't too terrible considering their one of my favorite types of shoes to purchase! Loving all the suede this season and I may or may not be warming up to tassels...


What is on your wish list this summer! New clothes? New destinations? Both? Let's hear it!