Holiday Gift Guide

Since we're on the gift giving topic, I wanted to share a gift guide, aka my own little wish list, that's especially fitting for anyone looking to start fresh in the new year, and rejuvenate over the holidays.

I'd be lying if I said 2016 was perfect. It was everything but. This year brought with it a number of changes, some good and some not so good, and although I'm incredibly grateful for the wonderful experiences I did have, I'm so glad its almost over.

I started a new job, and as exciting as it was, it was also incredibly stressful and a huge hit to the system. I was also lucky enough to travel, but at a cost, as it was to visit my boyfriend who's indefinitely living in the states, and I really just wish he could be home with me for good instead.

So, i'm saying peace out 2016 and bring it on 2017 because i'm ready to start fresh, as cliche as that sounds, I think the whole world is ready to do the same. A lot went down this year, and for lack of a better term, its been a shit show. So that's why my wish list is geared to those looking for a little wellness and self love that they can bring into the holidays and the coming year. 

I recently jumped on the Saje bandwagon because of one particular scent I was introduced to at a yoga class. Since then i've been pining for all things saje and eventually caved and bought a diffuser when their Aroma Art collection came out. Mainly because my obsession with marble is very real, and because their paint splattered diffuser called out to me with such abandon that I coudn't ignore it. Treat yourself right!?

So, as you may have guessed, the first item on my list, a Saje diffuser. Perfect for the minimalist/wellness fanatic on your list. This baby accomplishes two things, the first: it acts as a decor piece. The second,  it has a ton of health benefits (you can find the full list on their website) but two of my favs are that it helps you sleep and also acts as a humidifier, which is perfect for Edmonton's dryer months.

The other items are a little more self-explanatory. I've been working out a ton but have slacked off in the stretching/flexibility department and want to make yoga a more regular thing this coming year.

Big magic is also a must read for anyone looking for some inspiration. I started reading it on an airplane and didn't put it down until I finished!

Hope this helped one or two of you! Or inspired you to treat yourself at the very list.





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