Keep Calm and Carry On

So I've found myself in airports at lot lately - a few times for work, but also for personal reasons which inspired me to write this post.

I am by no means a travel expert but I have gained some experience in the last couple years/months, effectively giving me a pretty good idea of what to and what not to bring in your carry on.

Since my SO was recently transferred to the states for work, I have been traveling more regularly to visit him. In fact, i'll be jumping on a jet plane this weekend to visit him so I figured, why not post about packing while I am packing? My roommate is also in a long distance relationship (as in across the continent ) and has become a bit of a travel guru herself. She generously shared her insights on the subject so I could offer you the below must have packing list.

First things first, you'll need the perfect bag. Both of us have lulu bags, mine is a tote (similar here) and hers is a back pack. There are benefits to both, but if given the opportunity, I would switch for the latter. The benefit to a backpack is a) is the number of pockets and b) the ability to go hands free when needed. 

1. Reading Material

If you're like me, you can't go anywhere long distance without a book, or five. But I wouldn't recommend bringing all five in your carry on. Instead invest in an e-reader. They are great for travel and you can download as many books as you want. I have a kobo and I love how light and easy to pack it is! 

2. Face and hand lotion

Because it is dry AF and having a good hand/face lotion helps you to feel fresh after a long flight. Avoid overly scented products since you're in pretty close quarters and you wouldn't want to irritate them. 

3. Lip Chap

Same reason as #2, it's dry AF and nothing is worse than chapped lips. Plus, if you're like us and you're are travelling to see your SO, they will appreciate your hydrated luscious lips in comparison to the crusty alternative.

4. Gum or mints

Handy for a few reasons - the first, and most obvious is to avoid that pesky ear popping sensation. Gum significantly helps with that, don't ask me why. Just chew it.

The second and probably more important, you'll want fresh breath - see point #3. 

And lastly, you can thank my roommate for this one, gum/mints help curb cravings especially on long flights when you feel like the lining of your stomach is slowly deteriorating from hunger. Which brings me to my next point...

5. Snacks

In my humble opinion you can never have enough snacks. Trail mix is a good go-to, as well as granola bars and the odd sweet treat. Anything that isn't too loud, messy, or smelly and that has some healthy components to it (the last thing you want is to arrive bloated).  

6. Deodorant

For obvious reasons.

7. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Because, as much as you might love babies - which I do, love babies - on a long flight they become tiny terrors in just minutes and cancellation headphones can help correct the pure hatred you might (will) feel deep down inside you.

8. Face wipes

For before you go to sleep and after you wake up. Particularly nice to have on longer flights when you want to freshen up and apply a bit of makeup before landing. 

9. Makeup, if you choose to wear it at all. 

I don't recommend wearing a lot since it will clog your pores and not last nearly as long as you'd like it to, but here are my must haves.

9. Water bottle

I am sure you are all aware of the outrageous cost of water in airports. So avoid those extra fees and bring your own re-fill-able water bottle!

10. Passport/wallet

I feel like I shouldn't have to include the very obvious items like your wallet and passport, but I am going to mention them here just in case you're having a particularly forgetful day. Personally I am not immune to such days. Just watch, my next post will be titled "How Not to Forget your Passport for an International Flight".

Safe travels! xx

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