Lace Brick Design

In keeping with the mountain vibes, I wanted to share my love for a local brand that I recently discovered, Lace Brick Design. They sell a number of pieces inspired by beautiful Alberta and BC including, earrings, necklaces and other accessories as well as printed tee's and mugs.

I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and accessories, so I tend to not wear a lot and what I do wear is very simple.  I especially like geometric pieces or authentic simple pieces, and as you may have guess, lace brick jewelry pretty much encompasses that.

I couldn't choose just one item to feature for you all so I made a wish list - which will also come in handy considering Christmas season isn't too far around the corner!

Photo 2015-03-08, 5 14 39 PM.jpg

 // Bronze Alpine Necklace // Crescent Moon Necklace // Geo Alpine Studs // Double Peak Mountain Studs //  Single Peak Mountain Studs //

If you like any of the products in this post or want to shop for more, I have a special discount code just for you guys!

For 15% off use PASTRIESANDPRADA at checkout!

Enjoy and happy shopping!

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