Camp Brand Goods

If you follow my Instagram you'll notice my constant, maybe a tad exhaustive, use of the phrase "the mountains are calling", but if I'm being honest, they are. Always. 

Maybe it's because I'm from a part of Alberta that doesn't see much more than a few rolling hills than the real deal, but if I am completely and utterly happy anywhere in the world, its in the midst of mountains.

Especially around this time of year, when the air is crisp and you're free to layer up with a crew neck and toque without overheating. I love fall fashion the most for this reason, for its versatility, the possibilities are vast when you just think layers. 

And of course, with mountains comes all things cozy, so you can never go wrong with anything Camp Brand Goods if your looking to up your casual camper vibe. Their products exude adventure and comfort, two of my favorite things.

I got to spend some time with my favorite person in the world on this mini adventure, my sister. Listening to oldies on the road, in our multi colored Honda Civic that we begrudgingly shared and equally destroyed over the years. It's funny how you learn to love the things you once hated - Like the classic rock our dad forced us to listen to on road trips as kids, is now ingrained in our memories and forever accompanied by his voice in our ears. Couldn't be two happier campers around.

Strive for the little adventures as much as the big, I truly believe there's nothing better for the soul.

Wearing: Peak Crew Neck Sweater // Happy Camper Crew Neck


*All opinions in this post are my own*