Summer Favorites


While checking off my to do's and packing lists for Europe,  I thought I would do a summer favorites make up post before I jet off, and give you an idea of my go to products that I plan on bringing along with me. 

To save space for clothes (duh) I plan on only bringing the essentials, which isn't too difficult considering its summer and I really only like to wear a small amount of natural makeup anyhow. 

As a base, I have switched to Garnier BB Cream instead of a foundation. I tend to freckle like crazy in the summer, so covering up isn't really an option. This BB cream goes on mat, and to lighten it up even more I mix it with a facial sunscreen. 

I have recently fallen in love with NARS products, especially this little number, The Multiple Stick. in south beach. Its a blush, highlighter and eye shadow all in one. Perfect for travelling! I just may have to whip out and get a darker shade to use as a bronzer...In the mean time, I am still using Benefit's Hoola Bronzer.

Let's see what else, lips. Apparently my skin tone has a pinkish tinge to it, who knew, and bright coral lipsticks bring out that rosy appeal. My favorite lip color right now is MAC's Sweet & Sour, and it's exactly that, sweet and sour. 

That's about all you can expect to see in my carry on!  Top the look with a simple mascara and light colored shadow and your good to go!