Fashion Week Wish List

It's Fashion week around the world and my Instagram has been flooding with pictures of New York and London Runways featuring the most elegant and innovative styles of 2014/15. I'm in constant awe at the fashion blogging community, their posts have been making my world go round and filling me with daydreams and inspiration - and of course a bit of jealousy.

Edmonton too has it's own little fashion week, it's by no means as large and famous as those in the Fashion capitals of the world but, we try. It is my goal to make at least one show in the upcoming week; I am dying to throw on a number that has a little more gumption and elegance than what I would normally wear in the hallways at school (it's sort of frowned upon if your not in sweat pants, we scholars only have one thing on our minds, and fashion isn't one of them - it's sleep)

But until I can manage a real fashion post, you will have to settle for my little list of what I would have wore if I was lucky enough to be walking the streets of New York city and hailing a cab for the next show. P.S this daydream consists on infinite funds, duh.

Please note, none of these pictures have been taken by me! Photo creds are all dubbed to the Pinterest gods and their original pinners. Cheers to you for making my closet seem utterly pathetic.

  • Hats, hats, and more hats

Probably my favorite accessory right now, the Boho inspired floppy hat. Worn all summer long and now into the chillier fall season, the best part, it goes with annyyythiinnggg. It's a need, not a want. 

  • Something Bold, Clutches

To me, there is an edge of elegance to an over sized clutch compared to a regular hand bag that can be easily slung across your shoulder or body. Clutches come with confidence, and can make an outfit jump from okay to trendy and unique. Clutches also allow you to show off the beautifully crafted manicure, bangles, jewels and stacked rings on your hands that would normally be harder to spot! 

  • Leather

Okay don't lie, we have allll wanted to wear a pair of bad ass leather pants at one point in our lives; better yet, be decked out in leather pants,  a jacket and some kick ass leather heals. I love how different each of these looks are, it just goes to show how versatile leather can be. 

  • Short Skirts and a Loonnnggggg Jacket 

Fall Fashion week comes with a little chill and so my perfect cover up would be any one of these precious numbers. I love the look of a long cozy trench coat or jacket sitting on your shoulders, especially if it's paired with a very feminine outfit underneath, like a skirt or skinny jean with  knee high boots or heals. 

  • Knee highs

See what I mean about the long jacket and knee high boots? This is quite possibly my favorite fall trend over all of the others, once a boot becomes knee high there is really no other way to describe it besides sexy. They too are versatile, Miranda Kerr wore her's with a pair of jeans and looked just as glamorous as the ladies in skirts and dresses. 

Well, now I am craving shopping even more and should probably go out an buy a lottery ticket.

 Happy Weekend!

What were your favorite looks from this years Fall Fashion Week?

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