Weekend Laze

It's funny that this post is about being lazy considering these images were taken forever ago and the only reason i've not posted about them is because well,  i've been too lazy. 

But I welcome the lazy days as much as the productive ones. I think they are not only necessary but pretty critical given today's fast paced way of life. It's hard to not let the stress get to you. So I say embrace lazy weekend days whenever you can. Today I am happy to say is exactly what I will be doing. But lazy doesn't necessarily mean boring, to me it means having a weekend to yourself that is without plans. This weekend is dedicated to spur of the moment activities and come what may adventures. 

But before I tuck in to a day spent doing who knows what. Here are a few of my favourite lazy day staples.  

First an foremost, I feel most at ease and chill at home when i've got about 2 or 3 candles lit at one time. If you've read some of my travel posts you'll know how much I love Vancouver and the Vancouver Candle Co. is definitely one of my favourite candle brands. They're based on different locations across the city, like Kitsilano or Gastown (another favourite of mine). 

Lazy day clothes are also another must have. Of course getting dressed up has it's merits but I love a comfy pair of ripped jeans with a cardigans, white tee and calvins.  This outfit has the ability to make you feel comfy and put together at the same time.

For me, days life this are dedicated to taking the time for yourself. They're agenda-less and full of whatever the hell makes you happy in that moment. So if you want to dress up or dress down, stay in bed or go for a walk, do it.

Shop the lazy look:

 Adidas originals // Calvins // Wilfred Cardigan // Zara Jeans (similar)

Holiday Gift Guide

Since we're on the gift giving topic, I wanted to share a gift guide, aka my own little wish list, that's especially fitting for anyone looking to start fresh in the new year, and rejuvenate over the holidays.

I'd be lying if I said 2016 was perfect. It was everything but. This year brought with it a number of changes, some good and some not so good, and although I'm incredibly grateful for the wonderful experiences I did have, I'm so glad its almost over.

I started a new job, and as exciting as it was, it was also incredibly stressful and a huge hit to the system. I was also lucky enough to travel, but at a cost, as it was to visit my boyfriend who's indefinitely living in the states, and I really just wish he could be home with me for good instead.

So, i'm saying peace out 2016 and bring it on 2017 because i'm ready to start fresh, as cliche as that sounds, I think the whole world is ready to do the same. A lot went down this year, and for lack of a better term, its been a shit show. So that's why my wish list is geared to those looking for a little wellness and self love that they can bring into the holidays and the coming year. 

I recently jumped on the Saje bandwagon because of one particular scent I was introduced to at a yoga class. Since then i've been pining for all things saje and eventually caved and bought a diffuser when their Aroma Art collection came out. Mainly because my obsession with marble is very real, and because their paint splattered diffuser called out to me with such abandon that I coudn't ignore it. Treat yourself right!?

So, as you may have guessed, the first item on my list, a Saje diffuser. Perfect for the minimalist/wellness fanatic on your list. This baby accomplishes two things, the first: it acts as a decor piece. The second,  it has a ton of health benefits (you can find the full list on their website) but two of my favs are that it helps you sleep and also acts as a humidifier, which is perfect for Edmonton's dryer months.

The other items are a little more self-explanatory. I've been working out a ton but have slacked off in the stretching/flexibility department and want to make yoga a more regular thing this coming year.

Big magic is also a must read for anyone looking for some inspiration. I started reading it on an airplane and didn't put it down until I finished!

Hope this helped one or two of you! Or inspired you to treat yourself at the very list.





Winter Staples

Living in Alberta, you're bundled up at least 5 months of the year, so investing in a winter jacket is a must in my opinion. Especially right now considering its a whopping - 30 Degree's Celsius out!

The struggle however, is finding a jacket that is warm and also stylish. As in, it goes with all your outfits, and let me tell you this little number does.


You might have guessed, it's Wilfred . But honestly, as expensive as this jacket may seem at first, it's worth it and easier on the wallet than other brand name wool coats at say the Bay or Nordstroms - your looking at a difference of a couple hundred dollars my friends.

Regardless it is an investment, but one that will last you at least a few years and that won't go out of style any time soon, especially if you go with a neutral color like grey, black or camel.


Wilfred Cocoon Coat  // Guess Jeans // Noul Boots

If you keep an eye out for sales you can get this coat or the other Aritzia jackets for a reduced price, but be quick because they sell out fast.

Stay warm Canadian friends! I promise to blog again soon, life has been a litte hectic as of late so I haven't been posting as often as I would like. Forgive me!

Lace Brick Design

In keeping with the mountain vibes, I wanted to share my love for a local brand that I recently discovered, Lace Brick Design. They sell a number of pieces inspired by beautiful Alberta and BC including, earrings, necklaces and other accessories as well as printed tee's and mugs.

I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and accessories, so I tend to not wear a lot and what I do wear is very simple.  I especially like geometric pieces or authentic simple pieces, and as you may have guess, lace brick jewelry pretty much encompasses that.

I couldn't choose just one item to feature for you all so I made a wish list - which will also come in handy considering Christmas season isn't too far around the corner!

Photo 2015-03-08, 5 14 39 PM.jpg

 // Bronze Alpine Necklace // Crescent Moon Necklace // Geo Alpine Studs // Double Peak Mountain Studs //  Single Peak Mountain Studs //

If you like any of the products in this post or want to shop for more, I have a special discount code just for you guys!

For 15% off use PASTRIESANDPRADA at checkout!

Enjoy and happy shopping!

Camp Brand Goods

If you follow my Instagram you'll notice my constant, maybe a tad exhaustive, use of the phrase "the mountains are calling", but if I'm being honest, they are. Always. 

Maybe it's because I'm from a part of Alberta that doesn't see much more than a few rolling hills than the real deal, but if I am completely and utterly happy anywhere in the world, its in the midst of mountains.

Especially around this time of year, when the air is crisp and you're free to layer up with a crew neck and toque without overheating. I love fall fashion the most for this reason, for its versatility, the possibilities are vast when you just think layers. 

And of course, with mountains comes all things cozy, so you can never go wrong with anything Camp Brand Goods if your looking to up your casual camper vibe. Their products exude adventure and comfort, two of my favorite things.

I got to spend some time with my favorite person in the world on this mini adventure, my sister. Listening to oldies on the road, in our multi colored Honda Civic that we begrudgingly shared and equally destroyed over the years. It's funny how you learn to love the things you once hated - Like the classic rock our dad forced us to listen to on road trips as kids, is now ingrained in our memories and forever accompanied by his voice in our ears. Couldn't be two happier campers around.

Strive for the little adventures as much as the big, I truly believe there's nothing better for the soul.

Wearing: Peak Crew Neck Sweater // Happy Camper Crew Neck


*All opinions in this post are my own*



The Open Closet


I don't know about you, but whenever the seasons change I feel like a refresh is needed, especially in the Fall when so many people are starting a new school year, returning from vacation, or just looking to make a change. Maybe it's just me that feels the need to purge, clean and organize my life at this time but doing so is all I need to re-coop and get ready for a new season.

Where am I going with this? Not really sure, but my start fresh this September began with a few impulse purchases to finally complete my room in the apartment. Since moving in, I have been slowly putting things together, the only thing that was missing was a garment rack that i've had my eye on since pretty much the dawn of Pinterest. Plus a mattress, but really, what's more important?

Garment racks are a great way to organize your clothes, especially your favorite pieces each week or month, and to also fill a space in your room that would otherwise be left empty, and slightly more boring looking. I especially love the minimal design element this rack has, clean lines and a new look every time you put different clothes on it.

More room details to come! How do you decorate your favorite space? I love to talk home décor so shoot me an email or direct message me on instagram!